Oil/Electricity Buyers Group

The Andover board of selectmen recently established a new energy committee.  As one of its first goals, the committee is exploring the feasibility of creating an oil buyers group within the town.  The group would represent all residents who wish to purchase oil under a group agreement from a single vendor with the goal being to save money through the pooling of individual household oil purchases into a large multi-household contract.

The committee also wishes to highlight to town residents that a similar type of arrangement for the purchase of electricity was recently approved by the board of selectmen.  Under this agreement that took effect in October, town residents and businesses that enroll in the program can purchase the generation service portion of their electricity for a fixed rate of $0.0819 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) through the summer of 2012.  (The delivery service portion of the electricity bill remains unchanged under this agreement.)

If you have questions about the agreement or are interested in a potential oil buyers group,  call Rick Linden on the town energy committee at 860 729-5817.

Some Questions and Answers:

  1. QUESTION: Regarding the oil group, do deliveries take place just like other oil delivery services (you can schedule a delivery, call if oil runs out, provider can make service calls)?

    ANSWER: We don’t yet have an oil contract, but are soliciting interest on the part of Andover residents.¬† If enough seem interested, we can approach some oil companies for pricing.¬† When I was part of such a group 20 years ago when my wife and I lived in Rhode Island, it worked just like other oil delivery services, except our price was much better than buying oil outside the group.¬† You could call for deliveries or be on an automatic delivery schedule.¬† Service (and annual maintenance contracts) were available.

  2. QUESTION: Regarding the electricity buy in: Do you know where the energy comes from  (Coal, Green, etc)?

    ANSWER:¬†There are 3 different prices available for Andover residents through the town’s arrangement with Direct Energy.¬† For regular service, the price is about $0.082/kWh.¬† For seniors, the price is $0.081.¬† If you want to use the renewable energy option (where the electricity is generated from wind farms in Texas), the price is $0.088.

  3. QUESTION: Can we cancel the energy buyers group if service isn’t as expected?

    ANSWER: A resident can cancel with Direct Energy at any time with no cancellation fee.

  4. QUESTION: How do you sign up to the energy buyers group?

    ANSWER: To sign up with Direct Energy, a resident needs to call them at 1-866-803-4618 and identify themselves as a resident (or business) in Andover, CT.  They can be called M-F from 8 AM-8 PM or on Saturday from 8 AM-5 PM.

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