Registrar of Voters

The Registrar of Voters ensures the electoral process will be conducted professionally, consistently, demonstrating neutrality and non-partisan decision-making. They do so based upon a thorough knowledge of and compliance with all election laws by administering them timely, responsively and with integrity on behalf of those we serve.

Contact the Registrar of Voters - 860-742-0188 Ext. 2

  • Catherine Palazzi – Republican Registrar of Voters
  • Catherine Magaldi Lewis - Democratic Registrar of Voters
  • Lisa Kurtz – Deputy, Republican Registrar of Voters
  • Jay Kamins – Deputy, Democratic Registrar of Voters

Registrar of Voters (ROV) is an elected position governed by the Statutes of the State of Connecticut. Registrars must be aware of changes in legislation that affects their jobs.

We must coordinate and run elections, primaries and referenda. Pertaining to those particular duties we must test and setup voting machines, set up polling places, order ballots for the voting day, prepare paperwork for Moderators, Checkers, and Ballot Clerks and create an Official Voter Lists for use on Election Day. We must maintain the accuracy of the voter list by updating files manually and on the computer. We add new voters, change voter information that was sent to us from the DMV, and remove voters from the list that the Secretary of the State (SOTS) sends to us regarding deaths or voter status. In February every two years we conduct a Canvass of our voters to make sure they still live at the current address we have on file. Our next Canvass will begin in February 2014. If you have not voted for the past two years you will receive a Canvass letter. We ask that you review this letter and return it to us so that any necessary corrections may be made. We must verify duplicate voter situations or if a voter is registered in more than one town.

As part of our duties we must hire and train election officials, poll workers, absentee counters, and send our moderators to class every two years to renew their license to moderate. In addition, once per year prior to any race we are responsible for training the workers.

The ROV’s must attend conferences twice a year to learn new methods on the computer from the Registrars of Voters of Connecticut Association (ROVAC) and the SOTS.  Approximately 300 Registrars and Deputies attend these meetings.  We receive training certificates signifying we have passed each of these tests.

Town Parties must be given information of coming elections and dates of importance to them so they may hold their party caucus and endorse people for positions in town. Whenever a Town Party Chair requests an updated official voter list it must be prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We must certify and file primary petitions with the SOTS when required, and produce reports or hold audits as required by the state statutes. Following the voting session information must be entered into the computer for the state to know who voted from the town. The SOTS must be notified as soon as possible on the evening of voting by fax as to the outcome of the election, primary or referenda. SOTS has been working on an electronic program, whereby our Moderator will enter the results of voting for Andover and it will be forwarded immediately to them. This new program will be implemented for Andover in 2014.

Hours may vary: 

Monday        4:00 pm – 7:00 pm     Catherine Palazzi
Tuesday      10:00 am – 12:00 pm  Catherine Magaldi Lewis
Wednesday  2:00 pm -  4:00 pm     Catherine Palazzi
Thursday    10:00 am -  12:00 pm   Catherine Magaldi Lewis

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you would like to work at the polls for any of the elections or primaries, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 860-742-0188 Ext. 2 and ask for Registrars Catherine Palazzi, Republican or Catherine Magaldi-Lewis, Democrat